5 Dog Care Tips

5 Dog
Care Tips

  •  Dog Care Tip #1–Chewies

    • Dogs love to chew. If you don’t give them something

    appropriate to chew on they will find something on their own. Your table, chairs, couch, shoes etc. are just some examples. Make sure the chewie is the appropriate size for your dog. If it is too big and you risk damaged their teeth.  Chewies that are too small can be choking hazards. 

  • Dog Care Tip #2–Exercise is crucial!

  • Without it you will see bad behaviors surface.
    Many cities are building dog parks which allow you dog to run free in an enclosed area. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs this is a great
    option. If not regular walks with a good run a few times per week will work. They do make special leashes that attach to bikes and keep your dog at a safe distance from you. 

  • Dog Care Tip #3–One large meal is not ok!

  • Dogs need at least two meals per day and puppies require even more frequent meals. This will allow for a more consistent energy level throughout the day. Pay attention to your dog so you can schedule mealtime when you will be able to take them out doors so you do not have accidents in your house. 
  • Dog Care Tip #4–Crates are great.

  • Many people think crating is cruel, however, the dogs seem to disagree. If you use a crate as a form of discipline then you will
    have problems. A crate is meant to be their safe haven. To get a dog used to a crate, leave it in a room with the door open. Let your dog explore when he/she is ready. Dogs are naturally den animals so they will seek it out. Once they are comfortable going in and out you can try shutting the door without locking it. Once they are comfortable with that try locking it for a few minutes. Gradually increase the length of time your dog is in the crate. It is a useful
    tool for housebreaking, however, you cannot expect your dog to last an
    unrealistic period of time. If you have a dog that barks excessively it could be due to nervousness. When a dog is in their crate they feel safe and can relax, often reducing barking. If you have a dog that gets aggressive with strangers, it is a good idea to put them in the crate shortly before you are expecting visitors, repair people or delivery people. This way your dog is calm when they arrive. Even if he/she gets upset at least you know your guest and your pet are safe.
  • Dog Care Tip #5–Products

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