Cruelty Free Make Up

Is It Truly Cruelty Free Make Up?

Cruelty Free Make Up
Is It Cruelty Free Make Up?

It is getting harder to know which companies truly produce cruelty free make up. Just when you think you are safe with a product, you find out who the parent company is or that they have been lying!

What Is Real Progress?

I used to feel that any change in production towards establishing cruelty free make up products, was progress and should be rewarded. Now it seems big companies are just branching out to capitalize on the cruelty free market.

Testing on animals
Testing on animals for cosmetics

If a company is testing on animals for one product line or particular ingredients and then develops a second “cruelty free” line or product, can it be considered “cruelty free”? No! As long as you are using ingredients or combinations of ingredients that previously resulted in testing on animals, a product cannot be considered “cruelty free”.

If a company is testing on animals for unrelated products and ingredients, but has not tested any of the ingredients in the so called “cruelty free product” then I would have to consider the product “cruelty free”. Whether you feel comfortable buying products from a company that is testing on animals for any reason, is a matter of personal choice.

If a company is truly trying to phase out testing on animals, I personally feel they should be supported. If we do not reward this type of behavior, we will not see much of it.

If, however, it is an isolated incident being used to capture sales in the cruelty free make up  market, I personally feel they should be boycotted.

To help you make your decisions I  have quoted Wikipedia

Cruelty-free is a social movement that seeks to avoid all products of cruelty.

a matter of ethics

You then have Companies like Avon, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder that claim they do not do any testing on animals. Yes that may be loosely true. However, paying someone else to do the dirty work does not absolve you from responsibility in the matter. If you hire a “Hit Man” you are still guilty of murder.

In Conclusion

Testing on animals
Draize Skin Test

The testing done on animals is not only barbaric but it serves no practical purpose. It does not take a “Rocket Scientist” to figure out that when an animal or person is shaved and then has its first few layers of skin scrapped off, that there might be some irritation when chemicals are applied to that area. Why does our society allow such sadistic people to walk freely and not cage them for the safety of all other living creatures?

Our focus should be on using safe ingredients not chemicals, in all products, to assure the safety of mankind. This would avoid testing on animals, protect our environment and lower production costs as well.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”? Dr. Seuss

Join me in the fight against animal suffering. Tweet, RT, post to FB, Like, blog! Get the word out any way you can.

Stop testing on animals


I ask you, “What is worse a company that tests on animals outright or a company that claims it doesn’t test on animals and outsources this part of the production process?”

Please leave answers and feed back below.

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Cruelty-free is a social movement that seeks to avoid all products of cruelty.


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