A True Story

A Second Chance

Golden was the light that shown
bright upon my chest. I could feel my heart
pumping and the energy surging through my body. I knew something
special was
about to happen.

The warm, summer breeze glided gently over my
nose and
brushed the sides of my face and body like a blanket of

Then, searing
pain hit my neck from behind. My breath was stuck in my throat, I was

There were flowers all around me
swaying side to side as my limp
body matched their rhythm. 

Just then something hard slammed
my chest. The
strong pumping of my racing heart changed to a weak frantic

As I was
pushed through a small opening I found my voice. I screamed for help,
at first. Then my voice grew stronger and stronger, as desperation set

was the monster that appeared through a much larger opening. As she
bent over me and bellowed the piercing pain lifted from my
and I tumbled to the ground.
My surroundings blurred as I spun wildly. 

A cold wet nose pushed against
side. The monster shewed it away as her hands swooped down around me.
As I
closed my eyes and prepared to be crushed, I noticed they were gentle,
warm and
cradling me. 

Once again I felt warm air on my
face, but this time there was
also a light, soft sensation that repeatedly went from my head down my
back. It
lulled me into a trance. 

Then we went through another
large opening and the golden
warmth I felt on my chest earlier embraced my whole body. 

As the strength again ran through my
veins, I looked up into those kind huge eyes.  

I felt my wings
spread as my feet
pushed off her hands. There was no resistance. The warm air helped
carry me
safely to the branch of a tree.  

I called out
again, this time in thanks to the
gentle giant.

by Karen Karo


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