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I grew up in Queens NY and after graduating High School I became a professional Ballerina. Then I had a bad car accident and decided to go back to school to became an Licensed Animal Health Tech. I spent 12 years working as an AHT at various types of animal nursing jobs. I ran my own Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business in NYC for many of those years. My most challenging jobs were at The Animal Medical Center and Manhattan Veterinarian  Group. I moved to Bethlehem, PA. after commuted for 3 years to NY to manage the later a 24 Hour Emergency Animal Hospital.


The commute got too tiring and the animal adoption agency I ran out of my house turned into an old age home for abandoned pets which required much of my time. I decided to settled down, and get married. We had 3 lovely girls. When the oldest was 2 years and the twins were 6 months I was accepted into Nursing School. Three years after I became a nurse, I had a son.

I have been a nurse for 15 years now and grow weary of the restrictions placed on medical professionals whom must follow laws, company policies, and insurance guidelines geared to maintaining the status qua, keep them in business, and make money. The strain and constant demand of nursing has taken it’s toll on my family life.


I now plan to focus on my family while I earn money from home on the internet and run my Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business in PA. With this money I plan to improve our living situation and give back to those whom have helped my family and myself, as well as many needy animals, people and causes. I look forward to the day when I can update this bio with my future successes.



  1. You are right to question if this is pairoarppte. Pets usually need to fit into the lifestyle of the owner and some are not compatible. For example:a shepherding dog likes to round things up and be very active- this might not be good for someone with limited space or time to give to exercise. Some people have allergies and long haired animals might make them react. Cats are very independent but still need good care and grooming. Whatever you decide, make the commitment to care for the long term. Some individuals adopt animals and when they mature and are not “cute” anymore, are abandoned, or worse. Many animals who are abandoned cannot live at shelters forever and have to be euthanized. This is not to say having a pet isn’t a wonderful bonding experience. May folks welcome pets into their homes and live with them almost like family. Do not gather animals from the wild, nevertheless. Wild animals are wild and do not do well in captivity. Always RESPECT the animals you care for and you may all have great company for many years. Perhaps you could visit shelters or pet stores or pet sit for someone when they go out of town to see if a particular breed is for you. Pet stores will often issue gift certificates for giving. It is also to volunteer at a local shelter to get to know animals better, and then, adopt and neuter!

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